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Amongst Friends Podcast with Tom and Kate

Tom Clute, MSW

Creativity Coach

I am an empowerment coach, holding an intention of blessings for others to see, experience and live into their highest vision of being worthy and capable of loving and caring for themselves unconditionally.


I passionately and joyously serve  spiritual leaders and their organizations as a significance coach - elevating impact through intentional living offerings, sacred personhood development retreats, mastermind groups, accomplishment consulting, custom creativity offerings and dialogue salon facilitation and certification train-the-trainer curricula.

Thomas Michael Clute, MSW
The Courage, Creativity & Confidence Coach 


Towards an Ecology of We" Co-Creating Infinite Impact Together, Sacred Personhood Researcher and Explorer

Founder of Resource Connections International

Curator of Soular Winds Expeditions & Retreats

Owner of Thomas Clute Consulting



I hold a Masters degree in social work




Kate Hill

Kate is a hypnotherapist and mental health consultant specializing in extreme/altered states of consciousness, and the alternative sexualities.


Kate spent four years working and volunteering as director of Portland Hearing Voices.  In that time she spoke internationally and taught both publicly and privately on the subjects of extreme and altered states from an interdisciplinary and evidence based perspective.

Having a strong foundation in positive psychology and peer support(never trust a skinny baker), Kate has moved toward the use of altered states of consciousness as a healing, unveiling and exploratory modality.  Her primary focus is freedom of expression, experience and identity.

Kate spent her undergraduate years focusing on research on extreme & altered states of consciousness, and has been consulting with these communities since 2012.  Kate worked as an expert witness for the state of Oregon in 2019.

You can find her website here: Know Thyself Consulting, a public talk she gave here.

and a Colombian article she took part in here.

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Note to Kate Hill from Tom Clute ~

"Your fierce truth empowers me to release my own self imposed  distortions and love myself, owning my beauty and gifting me with humility, desperately missing all my life..

Thank you infinitely. Your Strength of Integrity and Fierce Beauty shines through. I see and feel your unfathomable fire . So grateful to feel the same over time.

~ "Pine Cone Tom"